Jacqueline de Soria

Jacqueline de Soria is an İstanbul-born French citizen who has devoted her professional career to the development of economic relations between France and Turkey and to helping business people of both countries work together to bring value to their countries and companies.
Jacqueline de Soria, who graduated from Pierre Loti High School in İstanbul, completed her higher education in the Department of Business Administration at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Then she worked as a department manager for Southern Europe and Turkey at the Paris Chamber of Commerce, supporting French companies in their exports and investments.
In 1999, De Soria graduated from the MBA program at the HEC School of Management in Paris and worked at the International Hotel Group ACCOR in Paris and İstanbul as Vice President in charge of Strategy and Hotel Development.
In 2005, together with Yves-Marie Laouënan, former French Commercial Attaché in Turkey, she founded LDS Consulting, Business Development, Tourism and Investment SA, which has been intermediating many French companies to invest in Turkey.
Since 2017, she also provides investment and business development consultancy for Turkish companies in France, Africa and the Middle East.
Based in France, Jacqueline de Soria provides consultancy services for Turkish companies to develop business in the French market, establish companies and benefit from the advantageous ecosystem that France offers to foreign investors.
De Soria, who is also an expert on Turkey appointed by the French Prime Minister’s Office within the “Les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur” network, has joined Team Consulting LLC. as a solution partner to share her professional experience in addition to her current duties.
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