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TEAM CONSULTING Ltd. is a young, visionary and strategic consulting Company, founded on the accumulation of nearly 40 years of experience, with the understanding that business life should be carried out within the framework of ethical values and by providing a professional working environment.

TEAM CONSULTING LLC. , is a young , visionary and strategic consulting firm that has been founded upon an accumulation of 40 years of business experience. Team Consulting has begun it’s activities with the principles that business should be managed within ethical boundaries and with the provision of a professional work environment.

Team Consulting provides service to all commercial and industrial establishments on a Global Scale. When required, Team Consulting works in partnership with local or foreign official institutions, third-party consulting firms, and independent consultants in order to deliver the best results to their clients.

Concerning Investment & Management Consulting , TEAM CONSULTING firmly believes that the below-mentioned criteria are paramount for the provision of sustainable performance ;
-Investments must be made in the right time, right place and be projected strategically & professionally,
-Human Resources are the most valuable investment . In this context , companies must hire quality employees ,which are professionally
-ERP system applications must be configured optimally and with the company pre-established requirements ,
-Workflow Charts, Authorizations & Responsibilities need to be clearly defined,
-Financial Resources must be used with the requirements accurately determined and efficiently,
-Production and R&D – Quality Control departments must work in unison with an innovative approach and maximum performance,
-Procurement , Operations and Logistics units must be organized as best as possible with the goal of managing supply chain activities with
maximum performance and in accordance with optimum stock management,
-Benefiting also from Digital Marketing , Sales Activities must be carried out independently and in a flexible manner but within the limits set
by the company management ,
-Working within the discipline of the Annual Budget to be updated at certain periods of the year.
TEAM CONSULTING argues that Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures , provide very high synergy under the condition that they are projected and realized in a professional and strategic manner.


Under the current global and local business conditions, the growth time is getting longer for the companies that wish to have healthy expansion. Acquisitions, Mergers or financial-operational Joint Venture solutions have started to occur more often during last years mainly because of this reason.


We believe that as well as Foreign Capital considering Acquisition, Merger & Joint Venture options in Turkey, local capital and funds should also invest more towards the same goal in the foreign market – on a global platform

TEAM CONSULTING is thinking of Foreign Trade should be given more importance both for the healthy growth of our country’s economy and for the increase in the business potential of our local companies. For this reason, it supports the idea of determining target countries/regions and establishing trading unit/s in these geographies or collaborating with local organizations on an economic scale.

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