Ömer Bilgin

Born in 1969 in Ankara, Ömer Bilgin is graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Chemistry.
Ömer Bilgin started his professional career in 1994 at DYO SA. , a subsidiary of Yaşar Holding, in the Automotive and Industrial Paints Department after which he continued his career, in :
Gemsan SA , BASF Türk Kimya SA , Ravago Petrochemicals SA , and Bayegan/BGN International Oil&Gas – Petrochemicals Trading companies ;
As R&D specialist, Project Manager, Technical Sales Manager, Business Development and Sales Manager, Business Unit Director.
Ömer Bilgin, who has been involved in many R&D projects in connection with TÜBİTAK throughout his professional career, has worked successfully as a manager in developing new products, finding new markets on local and global scale, creating B2B sales techniques, organizing the infrastructure of marketing and sales departments, creating business plans and achieving sales targets.
Fluent in English, Ömer Bilgin has joined Team Consulting LLC. as a solution partner to utilize his 30 years of experience in industry, sales – marketing and infrastructure set up.
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