Konstantinos Michalopoulos


Born in 1981 in Greece, Konstantinos Michalopoulos graduated from Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace at the Electrical Engineering Department and continued his education in Democritus University of Thrace, at the Mechanical Engineering of Production and Management Department.

Konstantinos Michalopoulos started working right after his graduation as an Electrical Engineer and continued his career in several industries and companies such as;

HIS, Hellenic Sugar Industry ,

Alumil, Aluminium Industry ,

Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics S.A. , Thrace Industrial Group

ILVIEF S.A. Energy Sector,

In different Management Positions ;

Maintenance Manager, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

Konstantinos Michalopoulos has successfully worked in key management positions, managing in-depth all functions of a modern business and has been involved in new investment and growth projects throughout his professional career.

Combining 15 years of experience in management with high communication skills and enthusiasm, Michalopoulos has been  joined Team Consulting LLC  as Solution Partner /  Greece in order to make real some potential  investment projects as well as improving the trade opportunities  .

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