• Provides solutions for Commercial and Industrial Investments on a global scale ;
      •  Starting with the pre-feasibility process and afterwards;
      •  Region and country selection
      •  Project preparation for investment
      •  Financial engineering
      •  Solution of legislative problems
      •  Land selection
      •  Selection of machineries, equipments and infrastructure systems,
      •  Construction
      •  Selection of the ERP system needed, completion of organization & work flow charts, human resources selection, production , R&D , QC, finance, marketing & sales, supply chain and similar departments set up
      • Operationalizing the investment

    Team Consulting completes the investment on a “Turnkey Basis” or, if preferred, performs only Project Management. If deemed necessary, Team Consulting undertakes temporary or continuous Management Consultancy.

  • Proposes growth – expansion strategies for operating organizations and implements them within the framework of the same processes mentioned above.
  • Team Consulting also offers customized investment solutions specifically in FRANCE and across AFRICA.
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