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  • Prepares project for the sale of company , finds local or global investors (either investment funds or strategical) , for companies wishing to sell all or part of their shares;
    • Projects and realizes the sale of the company shares by finding investors,
    • Or, restructure and reorganize the company and increases its value & productivity by providing General Management Consultancy services within the scope of the project and then presents it to investors for sale,
  • Prepares acquisition projects for organizations that want to expand by acquiring or merging companies or for capital owners who are willing to invest. After finding the right company and conducting all the audits, end up the project acting as an intermediary for the purchase of the shares of the company or for the merger. After the acquisition or merger is completed, if deemed necessary, provides General Management Consultancy Services.
  • Team Consulting brings together investor and entrepreneur parties regarding promising companies that have started their activities as startups, realizes the potential partnership by projecting it.
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