Yasemin Aksoy Anıl

Born in 1969, Yasemin Aksoy Anıl graduated from the Austrian High School and double majored in Economics and Business Administration at Boğaziçi University, graduating 3rd in Economics.
Yasemin Aksoy Anıl, who started her career in the banking sector, was selected for Koçbank’s executive candidate program and after the trainings ;
  • Prepared credit analysis reports of commercial and industrial corporate companies in the Credits Department,
  • Has worked as a Portfolio Manager in corporate, commercial and retail branches,
  • And she worked as Branch Manager for 12 years.

Yasemin Aksoy Anıl, who won various awards by reaching volume and quantity targets many times during her services in the banking sector, continued her professional career as Finance Manager at Bayegan/BGN International Oil&Gas – Petrochemicals Trading companies ;

  •  She has had many significant achievements in the areas of getting new credit lines from the banks for investments and business growth ,
  • Established alternative collection and payment systems, managed cash flow , as well as she established systems for financial risk monitoring.
Yasemin Aksoy Anıl, who is fluent in English and German, has joined Team Consulting LLC. as a solution partner to utilize her 25 years of finance experience.
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